Seminars in Engineering Risk Analysis & Probabilistic Modeling

Unless otherwise indicated, seminars are held on Wednesdays, 13.30 - 14.30,
in Room N3620, Building N6 (corner of Arcisstr. and Theresienstr.)

The seminars are open to all members of TUM and the interested public.

A list of past seminars can be found here.

Upcoming seminars

Oct. 1 Prof. Ji Lie
(Tonghi University)
Physical Stochastic System: A New View about Objective World
Nov. 5 Felipe Uribe
(ERA group)
Failure-informed cross-entropy-based importance sampling for rare event simulation
Nov. 6 Dr. Sinan Xiao
(University of Stuttgart)
Failure probability estimation with thermodynamic integration and parallel tempering
Nov. 13 Prof. Daniel Straub & Dr. Karl Breitung Bias, variance and error of subset simulation
Nov. 27 Dominik Hesping Construction and Evaluation of Machine Learning Methods for predicting a Multivariate Probability Distribution of Design Soil Parameters
Dec. 11

Antonios Kamariotis
(ERA group)

Sequential Bayesian deterioration model and structural reliability updating using monitoring data

Dec. 18 Max Teichgräber
(ERA group)
How the Daniels system can be utilized for semi-probabilistic design at system level
Jan. 8 Dr. Oindrila Kanjilal
(ERA group)
Estimation of first passage probabilities for uncertain linear dynamical systems by importance sampling
Jan. 22 Prof. 

Xiaohui Tan
(Hefei University of Technology)

Reliability analysis of geotechnical engineering in unsaturated soil with spatial variability

Feb. 5

Dr. Anneli Guthke
(University of Stuttgart)

A unified risk equation
Feb 12 Prof. Mahesh Pandey
(University of Waterloo)