Event cartography

Event Detection and Visualization of Volunteered Geographic Information - A new perspective in Mapping

Depiction of real world within Geo Information System (GIS) presumes the world as some successive and static snapshots rather than a very dynamic system. In the scope of this research, the concept of "mapping" goes beyond the principle of mapping objects with distinct spatial, temporal and attributive identities as usual in object-oriented systems. Indeed, the main goal is to handle real world dynamisms such as relationships amongst objects with each other, objects with events, events with events and involving processes.

Making use of the unique opportunity offered by the concept of Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI), VGI was selected as the main source for collecting the event related information. We try to harness public’s knowledge and their understanding about their surroundings directly; indeed we tap into the power of each individual. In VGI projects, people (rather than professional cartographers) provide information about events and places. You can think of this concept as mapping in a Wikipedia style. In this project, this information is utilized for developing location based services.

In addition, this research is partly devoted to change the role of public from pure data collector to knowledge producer in the concept of VGI. With this regard, the public is empowered to not only observe environment, but also understand the meaning of the gathered data; indeed everybody who can understand the space will be able to collect, analyze, evolve and finally synthesize the spatial knowledge. The project is funded by International Graduate School of Science and Technology (IGSSE).