Cartography M.Sc.

The international Erasmus Mundus Master program in Cartography is a cooperation between the Technical University of Munich, Vienna University of Technology, TU Dresden and the University of Twente. The program is devoted to a broad education in cartography and geoinformatics.

The program in cartography covers knowledge of and competencies in the visual representation, analysis and exploration of the digital Earth, together with its spatiotemporal elements and circumstances. The content of the program focuses chiefly on methods and applications in the areas of data modelling, data analysis and the visualization of geographical information.

The master's program in Cartography is devoted, in particular, to answering complex questions relating to the spatiality of a globalized and digitalized society. As such, it considers how the cartographic visualization and analysis of our environment is gaining an ever greater significance in many disciplines – from environmental and climate protection to geology, spatial planning or agriculture and forestry.

In addition to conveying the fundamentals of the discipline and its methodologies, the program concentrates on the readable, aesthetic, and user-friendly visualization of geographical data, as well as the development of new methods of representation in the area of modern cartography (Web and Internet cartography).

The full-time program comprises four semesters (120 ECTS). Students obtain 30 ECTS per semester/at each university as well as 30 ECTS for the master's thesis. All graduates are awarded a M.Sc. in Cartography and they receive a "Joint Degree" certificate from the four partner universities:

  • Technical University of Munich (TU Munich), Chair of Cartography;
  • Technical University of Vienna (TU Vienna), Research Group Cartography;
  • Technical University of Dresden (TU Dresden), Institute for Cartography;
  • University of Twente, Faculty of Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation.

Given the program's international character, each semester takes place at a different partner university. As an international master's, the program is taught entirely in English.

Overview degree program structure

The qualification of M.Sc. in Cartography opens up excellent professional opportunities on national and international levels, both in the private sector and in administration or research. Graduates can work for government authorities, for map and atlas publishers or for companies specializing in GIS, location-based services, or navigation systems. Further opportunities arise in the areas of town and landscape planning, environmental protection, disaster management, tourism, transportation, or telecommunications. In addition, the completion of the M.Sc. qualifies graduates for the PhD program. Cooperation with the four universities provides graduates with access to an international research network and thus an optimal start to a career in science.

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