Im Rahmen des Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern 2019 wurde dieses Jahr zum zweiten Mal der Christian-Hecht-Preis für die beste nachwuchswissenschaftliche Arbeit in der tiefen Geothermie ausgezeichnet.Wir gratulieren unserem Doktoranden Florian Heine zu dem Gewinn des Preises für seine... [mehr]

Experimental investigation of thermal retardation and local thermal non-equilibrium effects on heat transport in highly permeable, porous aquifers, Journal of Hydrology [mehr]

City-scale solutions for the energy use of shallow urban subsurface resources – Bridging the gap between theoretical and technical potentials [mehr]

Awesome! Florian’s paper on hydraulic behavior of fault zones in pump tests of geothermal wells for the Upper Jurassic aquifer of the North Alpine Foreland Basin is accepted in the Geothermal Energy Journal.  Since fault zones in the geothermal exploration region of Southern... [mehr]

The Chair's work was presented in a documentation about Munich's cooling grid. Link to the video:,RY0G669 [mehr]

Congratulation! Lisa’s paper on Monte Carlo simulations as a decision support to interpret δ15N values of nitrate in groundwater is accepted in Groundwater Journal. Nitrate is one of the main pollutants in agriculturally impacted groundwater systems.  Stable isotopes of dissolved... [mehr]

Successful COST-Action Proposal (European Coperation in sceince and Technology) Geothermal-DHC: Research network for including Geothermal technologies into Decarbonized Heating and Cooling grids “Geothermal-DHC aims to addresses the integration of geothermal technologies to... [mehr]

Fatemeh’s paper is accepted for Groundwater. Her new paper on the understanding of water flow and isotope transport in the unsaturated zone has some special aspects for us. This paper represents the basic of a new research topic of one of our groups. There we want to study the... [mehr]

In the current issue of the magazine Geothermische Energie (No. 91) two of our chair's papers got highlighted as feature articles. Further information: ... [mehr]

On the web application of the GRETA project, we published 12 datasets of hydrogeological information and potential evaluations for the thermal use of groundwater. The fundamental hydrogeological datasets have been elaborated in the course of the GEPO projekt and the potential... [mehr]

Fabian's paper on the thermal use of groundwater provides a method to quantitativley and spatially assess the potential of the ressource. The procedure can be adapted to local regulatory and operational limits, thus estimating legally and technically achievable flow rates and... [mehr]

Lisa's paper on the "Decadal delays in groundwater recovery from nitrate contamination caused by low oxygen reduction rates" (DOI:10.1029/2018WR023396) got accepted in Water Resources Research, a leading peer-reviewed journal in hydrogeology. This paper represents the first of a... [mehr]

Hydrogeologie im Freiluftklassenzimmer für Traunreuter Realschüler und Siegsdorfer Mittelschüler [mehr]

Anja Wunderlich's paper focusing on the effect of solvent stress-induced changes in membrane fatty acid composition of denitrifying bacteria on the extent of nitrogen stable isotope fractionation during denitrification was just accepted in Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta.... [mehr]