Geothermal Alliance Bavaria

To strengthen geothermal energy as an alternative energy, five subprojects with focus on geology and engineering science are supported by the Geothermal Alliance Bavaria.

  • Subproject "Characterization of reservoirs"Subproject "PetroTherm"
  • Subproject "Operational safety for the thermal water cycle"
  • Subproject "Monitoring"
  • Subproject "Efficient and flexible power plants"

Beside these subprojects, publicly supported projects are integrated into the GAB. The network between these associated projects is carried out at the TUM MSE in organized workshops and symposia

The Chair of Hydrogeology is the leader of the subproject “Characterization of reservoirs”.

In this project systematic investigation of local and regional variations with regard to geophysical, geomechanical, geostructural and hydraulic properties take place. The Targets for this project are:

  • Minimization of geothermal drilling success risks in the Molasse basin in South Germany
  • Minimization of uncertainties in reservoir-engineering and in the long-term operation of geothermal energy plants

The Chair of Hydrogeology investigate especially the long-term hydraulic and thermal behavior of the Malm aquifer. For this purpose the Geothermal Alliance Bavaria analyses relevant data from the geothermal sites in the southern molasses basin and participates in borehole logging campaigns and well testing to elevate a set of “best-off” data for the research. Additionally lab experiments for the rock parameter (permeability, porosity, thermal conductivity and capacity) are conducted. These results are integrated in THM-simulations to assess the hydraulic behavior.  

Project status: ongoing

Funded by: Bavarian Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Art

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