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Thermal conductivity is one key parameter for the planning of the use of geothermal energy. The effective thermal conductivity (ETC, λ) can directly be determined from core sample or borehole logging. Measurement along a core sample in laboratory with Thermal Conductivity Scanner (TCS, Popov et al., 1999) shows significant variation than the in situ measurement with Enhanced Geothermal Response Test (EGRT) due to higher measurement resolution.

Another approach to estimate the ETC of fluid-saturated porous media is the use of mixing law model. Basically, the mixing law model describes the ETC as a function of the thermal conductivity of solid (λs), the thermal conductivity of fluid (λf), and the porosity (φ). Observations of the thermal conductivity measurements using the TCS show that the heterogeneity of the thermal conductivity cannot be explained by variation of porosity solely.

Aim of the research is to explain the heterogeneity of the measured ETC by modifying the mixing law model by the parameter ε, which consider the physical properties of the solid phase and pore properties. Experiment with artificial samples with specified λs and defined φ are used.

Accurate estimation of rock’s thermal conductivity leads to a better numerical model setup and reliable prediction of subsurface’s thermal development due to heat extraction from borehole heat exchanger (Project-Ludwigshöhe).

Personal Profile

TU München, Germany
PhD candidate at the Chair of Hydrogeology since November 2012

KAIST, Republik Korea
Guest researcher at Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering / Geotechnical Engineering Lab from March - May, 2015

RWTH Aachen, Germany
Master degree in Applied Geosciences. Major in Geophysics-hydrogeology- engineering geology (2010-2012)

Bachelor degree in Georesources Management (2006-2010)

Baneras Hindu University, India
research abroad - master thesis (Apr - Jun, 2011)

ThaiOil Public Co., Ltd., Thailand
Internship 2010. Commercial management division

Language Skills
German, English, Thai, French, Japanese