Integrated Water Resources Management

The water scarcity in arid areas leads to long-term conflicts of use on water resources as a result of population growth and climate change. Within the framework of the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), management procedures are being developed in order to cope with multiple stress factors for achieving efficient and sustainable management of the water resources in terms of both water quantity and water quality.

Under this main focus on IWRM, our chair is making efforts on related research areas with a special focus on catchments in the following three main countries/regions: 
For the Central Europe, the research areas are water quality and drinking water supply/decentralized flood retention.
For Ethiopia, the research areas are the water, energy and food nexus. We aim at quantifying the impact of climate change on water resources in the Upper Blue Nile Basin in Ethiopia.
For China and India, the research areas are on good governance and social hydrology. We aim at developing decision support systems and good water governance to support a sustainable water resources management and agricultural production under climate change.