Welcome to the Website of the Master's Programme and Doctoral Studies Land Management and Land Tenure. We are working on a new Master Program hence the LMLT Program will not be offered in 2019. Therefore we are not able to proceed applications for 2019.


Get ready for registration. TUM Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Introduction to Land Management (ILMx MOOC)” commences on 4th November 2019. [mehr]

In August and September 2019, a team of four students (Anna Linda Samhammer – Environmental Engineering, Sophia Barbara Endt – Geography, Stellamaris Ogutu – Land Management and Elizabeth Wandakay – Land Management), 2 field assistants and one leading researcher (Tobias Bendzko –... [mehr]

LANDac (the Netherlands Land Academy) is a partnership between Dutch organisations and their Southern partners working on land governance for equitable and sustainable development. The LANDac network brings together actors, conducts research, and distributes information, focusing... [mehr]

A delegation consisting of 13 members of the national house of representatives (the national parliament) and 10 senior staff members from the national land agency in Indonesia (in Indonesian: Badan Pertanahan Nasional – BPN) visited Munich and the Chair of Land Management from 14... [mehr]

From 19-22 June 2019, Prof. de Vries from the Chair of Land Management provided 3 lectures for a doctoral workshop to strengthen the research capacities of young and early career scientists in order to build research networks around inequality issues in the global south. ... [mehr]