Welcome to the Website of the Master's Programme and Doctoral Studies Land Management and Land Tenure. We are working on a new Master Program hence the LMLT Program will not be offered in 2019. Therefore we are not able to proceed applications for 2019.


In support of the research project on the feasibility of the establishment of a cadastre containing public right restrictions (ÖREB) Prof. de Vries and Felix Heinz visited Liechtenstein and Switzerland on 4 and 5 February 2019. [mehr]

Dr. Uchendu Eugene Chigbu of our Chair of Land Management has been announced as the new Co-Chair of the International Training and Research Cluster of the Global Land Tool Network (of UN-Habitat) on the 26th of November 2018. [mehr]

On the 31st of October, Ms Sanna Anabtawi, a graduate of our MSc Land Management and Land Tenure program, defended her doctoral dissertation successfully. She received her doctorate (Dr.-Ing.) today after a sparkling discussion of her dissertation. [mehr]

Following his contribution to the International Conference on Planning and Development June 28-30, 2018: Towards Industrialisation in the Global South: Making Rural Regions Inclusive [mehr]

The joint workshop Resilience Beyond Emergency Assessing Risk Management (REKMA) was created by Dr. Arch. Pamela Durán Díaz, coordinator of the Master’s Programme Land Management and Land Tenure, and Land Management Alumnae Dr.-Ir. Melissa Schumacher Gonzalez from UDLAP, financed... [mehr]