New Announcement for 3rd run MOOC

Get ready for registration. TUM Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) “Introduction to Land Management (ILMx MOOC)” commences on 4th November 2019.

The first ILMx MOOC was opened for enrollment on edX from September 2017 to January 2018 and attracted approximately 2800 participants from 160 countries. The second run of this MOOC was successfully completed in 2019 (accessible from September 2018 to January 2019) that reached around 2000 enrolments from more than 140 countries. The criticisms and recommendations are clear evidence that we can further curate and sustain a culture of excellence with a new version to the global audience and those who are interested in land-related themes: climate change, biodiversity, sustainable production and consumption, global justice, disaster risk reduction, and poverty reduction.

The Chair of Land Management at TUM delivers different modules in the field of land management for different educational programmes, including geodesy and geo-informatics, environmental planning, environmental engineering, geography and transportation systems engineering, and the international Master’s program in Land Management and Land Tenure (LMLT), which will be replaced as Land Management and Geospatial Science from 2020/21. Participants in ILMx MOOCs hold varying professional careers in land sectors over the world: civil engineers, economists, urban planners, lawyers, and natural resource managers, land surveyors, geographers, geologists, journalists, government officers, humanitarian agencies, academics, architects, farmers and so on.

The participants in all these separate courses have very heterogeneous backgrounds such as disciplines, previous studies, country of origin, and types of education. All require, however, an introduction into basic concepts, history and aims, and a set of explanatory cases to show the variety of land management implementation tools, options, and instruments. ILMx MOOC, aimed at self-study and general background of the study topic, would bring entry knowledge on par. In six units, we provide core subjects of land management including land tenure, land administration and registration, instruments of land use planning, land policy and governance.

To communicate effectively with more than 2000 learners in a new version of ILMx MOOC, a regular Q&A session using social network services such as Facebook and Twitter and two or three live video sessions for further discussion between instructors and learners will stimulate and motivate learners’ interest. What makes a revised version of our MOOC distinctive is that all learners have the opportunity to engage with varying land management issues from around the world from a better and broader standpoint. The culture of excellence in land management is not to infuse learners with our knowledge of land management. Instead, we provide a smart and responsible sharing knowledge platform for the land management communities.

We developed ILMx MOOC for potential entrants to the land management domain, or for those who want to become aware of land-related challenges. It brings together thousands of participants worldwide who freely access the course content and use the forum for open discussion. The MOOC "Introduction to Land Management" is available from 4th November 2019. Get more information and join us through the following Link

The Chair of Land Management at Technical University of Munich is looking forward to your participation!