Samuel Weber joins the TUM Landslides Research Group as a Postdoc

Dr. Samuel Weber completed his PhD at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Prior to his PhD studies, he received his BSc and MSc in Geography with Minor Physics and Glaciology. His research interest concerns heterogeneous environments and climate change, especially process understanding and quantification of phenomena in mountain permafrost related to climate.

Dr. Weber’s vision is to investigate fracture kinematics, to improve the understanding of processes in mountain permafrost using geophysical methods, to detect rupture processes in unstable rock masses, assess rupture imminence and to design an early warning system for rock instabilities. For this, the combination of geo-science and engineering is very useful and enables field measurements at locations in hardly accessible environments. He greatly enjoys doing field work in alpine environments and being able to combine his knowledge as well as his experience and alpine skills.

At TUM, as a TUM University Foundation Fellow, Samuel Weber will investigate how laboratory and theoretical insights on rock-slope destabilization can be transferred to field observations.