Strong participation of our group at EGU General Assembly 2020 - Sharing Geoscience Online

Covid-19 hit our communities strongly on many fronts but was not able to stop the biggest European conference on Geoscience: EGU General Assembly 2020 is happening right now online! This year, only virtually and with a new format: “displays” for everyone, instead of the standard oral presentations and posters. The Chair of Landslide Research joined this key event as every year with strong participation: 16 displays were accepted and two of them were also marked as “highlight”. Everyone has the chance to visualize and comment until the end of May: don’t miss this unique chance, have a look at our displays, and feel free to ask / comment / suggest - your feedbacks are welcome!

  1. HIGHLIGHT - EGU2020-21300 | The Influence of Debris Flow Activity on the Sediment of the Lake Plansee over 3.6 ka (Tyrol, Austria) | Carolin Kiefer, Michael Krautblatter, Christoph Mayr, Patrick Oswald, and Michael Strasser
  2. HIGHLIGHT - EGU2020-18219 | Assessing lahar hazards at Cotopaxi volcano (Ecuador) controlled by volcanic eruptions and glacier retreat | Theresa Frimberger, Franziska Petry, and Michael Krautblatter
  3. EGU2020-17616 | Towards a benchmark mechanical model for warming permafrost rock slopes | Michael Krautblatter, Benjamin Jacobs, Philipp Mamot, Regina Pläsken, Riccardo Scandroglio, Julian Groß, and Tanja Schröder
  4. EGU2020-19984 | New multi-phase thermo-geophysical model: Validate ERT-monitoring & assess permafrost evolution in alpine rock walls (Zugspitze, German/Austrian Alps) |Tanja Schroeder, Riccardo Scandroglio, Verena Stammberger, Maximilian Wittmann, and Michael Krautblatter
  5. EGU2020-18808 | Climate-change-induced changes in steep alpine permafrost bedrock. 13 years of 3D-ERT at the Steintälli ridge, Switzerland. | Riccardo Scandroglio and Michael Krautblatter
  6. EGU2020-17801 | Thermal behaviour of retrogressive thaw slumps over time revealed by ERT - an example from Herschel Island, Canada | Saskia Eppinger, Michael Krautblatter, Hugues Lantuit, and Michael Fritz
  7. EGU2020-19073 | Process dynamics, real time monitoring and early warning at an imminent cliff fall (Hochvogel, Allgäu Alps) | Johannes Leinauer, Benjamin Jacobs, and Michael Krautblatter
  8. EGU2020-18427 | Benchmark rock fall hazard assessment and safety concept for touristically developed alpine gorges (Höllentalklamm, Bavarian Alps). | Benjamin Jacobs, Andreas Grabmaier, and Michael Krautblatter
  9.  EGU2020-14338 | Modelling rock walls destabilization caused by hydrostatic pressure in frozen/unfrozen bedrock (Hochvogel & Zugspitze, Germany) | Verena Stoll, Riccardo Scandroglio, and Michael Krautblatter
  10. EGU2020-13810 | Lake pushed out by 200 m³ rock avalanche (Zugspitze / Lake Eibsee, D) - New geophysical and sedimentological insights into interactive processes | Sibylle Knapp, Philipp Mamot, Bernhard Lempe, and Michael Krautblatter
  11. EGU2020-11955 | Paraglacial responses in deglaciating cirque walls: Implications for rockfall magnitudes/frequencies and rockwall retreat | Ingo Hartmeyer, Robert Delleske, Markus Keuschnig, Michael Krautblatter, Andreas Lang, Lothar Schrott, and Jan-Christoph Otto
  12. EGU2020-18754 | Stress- and temperature dependent application of joint-constitutive-models for rock-ice mechanical systems and its implementation in a comprehensive distinct element code | Regina Pläsken, Groß Julian, Krautblatter Michael, and Mamot Philipp
  13. EGU2020-18023 | A 4-D reconstruction of post debris-flow sediment dynamic inferred from multi-temporal terrestrial laser scanning and photogrammetry (Roßbichelgraben, Germany) | Andreas Dietrich, Klaus-Peter Keilig, Verena Stammberger, and Michael Krautblatter
  14. EGU2020-17267 | A conceptual approach on optimising lead time for the forecasting of landslides using remote sensing systems | Markus Keuschnig, Doris Hermle, and Michael Krautblatter
  15. EGU2020-16982 | Potential of multisensor assessment using digital image correlation for landslide detection and monitoring | Doris Hermle, Markus Keuschnig, and Michael Krautblatter
  16. EGU2020-19097 | Towards an integrated framework for distributed, modular multi-risk scenario assessment | Massimiliano Pittore, Juan Camilo Gómez Zapata, Nils Brinckmann, Graeme Weatherill, Andrey Babeyko, Sven Harig, Alireza Mahdavi, Benjamin Proß, Hugo Fernando Rosero Velasquez, Daniel Straub, Michael Krautblatter, Theresa Frimberger, Michael Langbein, Christian Geiß, and Elisabeth Schoepfer