Electrical Resistivity Tomography data collected at the permafrost-affected and unstable Steintaelli Ridge (3100 m a.s.l., Matter Valley, Switzerland) in the last 13 years were inverted with a 3D time-lapse scheme in BERT. Thanks to the temperature-resistivity laboratory... [mehr]

Our group is presenting 11 topics at this years EGU. See the list below and join our sessions! EGU21-8011 | vPICO presentations | NH6.7 Multi-temporal analysis of optical remote sensing for time-series displacement of gravitational mass movements, Sattelkar, Obersulzbach Valley,... [mehr]

Erosion, as a key control of landslide dynamics, significantly increases the destructive power by rapidly amplifying its volume, mobility and impact energy. Mobility is directly linked to the threat posed by an erosive landslide. No clear-cut mechanical condition has been... [mehr]

Proper knowledge of velocity is required in accurately determining enormous destructive energy of a landslide. We present the first physics-based general analytical landslide velocity model that incorporates internal deformation and external forces: net driving force and viscous... [mehr]

Theresa Frimberger recently published a paper in ESPL together with Daniel Andrade (Instituto Geofísico, Quito), Samuel Weber and Michael Krautblatter. The Cotopaxi is an active volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes known for its potential to produce very large and destructive... [mehr]

Our group is presenting 11 topics at this years EGU (see list below). As every year, the EGU General Assembly will bring together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences. This year, the EGU will be a... [mehr]

We are showing strong participation at this year´s EGU General Assembly. See the list of our ten contributions with abstract links and scheduled display time in the next post.... [mehr]

2020 was the 14th year of permafrost monitoring on the Zugspitze for the Chair of Landslide Research. Despite the strong Covid limitations, our measurements have been conducted as always monthly, requiring a big logistical effort and even harder field-work. We are therefore... [mehr]

The paper from the AlpSenseBench project to anticipation of the imminent Hochvogel rock slope failure and our monitoring and warning system is now online: Leinauer, J.; Jacobs, B., Krautblatter, M. (2020) Anticipating an imminent large rock slope failure at the Hochvogel (Allgäu... [mehr]