Our work at the Hochvogel was braoadcasted by Servus TV. Here you can watch that spectacular mountain: Servus TV Wissensmagazin (in German, fist feature) [mehr]

BR - Kontrovers: German TV broadcasts a short documentary about "The Alps in difficulties" and how the climate change leaves traces in the Alps with Prof. Krautblatter as expert on permafrost. BR: Alpen in Bedrängnis (6:51 min in German) [mehr]

Beginning of July Johannes hiked up the Hochvogel together with Lukas from TUM Geodesy for some maintenance and smaller installations. After a stay over night at the Prinz Luitpold Haus with its friendly hosts they had to carry heavy backpacks all the way up in the morning and... [mehr]

We performed ERT measurements, Laserscans, mapping and more at the Europahütte in order to understand the rock slope at the Austrian-Italian border. [mehr]

The snow-rich winter left traces and damages at the Hochvogel, so we had to do a lot of maintenance work with heavy equipment this spring. Some instruments need a repair but we could also install a new instrument. At the same time the GFZ Potsdam maintained their seismic boxes and... [mehr]

For the Campuslauf 2019 in Garching we joined forces with strong runners from the Engineering Geologists. While hoping for a top placement and winning a price, we ended up 4th in the 5,5 km team challenge, exactly like last year. It was an incredibly hot day but still it was a lot... [mehr]

The Höllentalklamm (Höllental Gorge) at the entrance of the Höllental is one of the most scenic parts of the route to the Zugspitze. The TUM Landslide Group collaborates with the DAV Garmisch-Partenkirchen to develop a benchmark safety concept including a wireless sensor network... [mehr]

Benjamin Jacobs visited the LMU Volcanology Team for their multiparametric experiment within the Broadband Acquisition and Imaging Operation (BAcIO) at Stromboli. This operative workshop is a great collaboration of several international partners such as LMU, INGV Rome and Catania,... [mehr]

Dr. Samuel Weber completed his PhD at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Prior to his PhD studies, he received his BSc and MSc in Geography with Minor Physics and Glaciology. His research interest concerns heterogeneous environments and climate change, especially process... [mehr]