On 5. and 6.6. the first measurements of the year took place on the Hochvogel summit and preparations were made for the next larger measuring campaign. Seven members of the AlpSenseBench-Team hiked up to the top and worked on convergence measurements, geodetic reference points,... [mehr]

The landslide mapping course is provided by the Landslide Research group, and introduces students to geological and geomorphic mapping techniques relevant to landslide hazard identification and civil construction. In addition to that, the students were introduced to a variety of... [mehr]

3D Reality Maps, involved in the AlpSenseBench project, developed a new 3D SFM-model of the Hochvogel (2592 m) summit. The model visualizes the structure of the instable top of the mountain. Video → https://vimeo.com/269587869 [mehr]

The members of the IGSSE-Projekt 'Hydro-PF: Detecting and modelling fluid flow and critical hydrostatic pressure in permafrost/cryospheric rock walls' joined the 12th IGSSE- Forum with topic 'Science without borders'. The annual, three-day symposium encourages our doctoral... [mehr]

The team “Landslides”, consisting of staff of the Landslides Research Group and landslides-interested members of the Chair of Engineering Geology, outspent themselves on the 5.8 km route and got 4/45 in the team challenge. Thanks to the organisation team of the Junge Akademie! We... [mehr]

In April the international project group of the AlpSenseBench project met at the Technical University Munich (TUM) to improve and coordinate the working tasks and plans for this summer period. The meeting was led by Prof. Dr. M. Krautblatter and members of the TUM Landslide group,... [mehr]

Daniel Draebing visited Massey University, Palmerston North, for 2 months funded by Massey University’s International Visitor Research Fund. Within the visit, Daniel acted as a guest lecturer on the Alpine Physical Geography field course in the Southern Alps and gave a talk on... [mehr]

Riccardo Scandroglio joined this month the TUM Landslide Research as a PhD student. He is part of the HydroPF project that works on deciphering critical hydrostatic pressure levels in permafrost rock, key control of slope failure. The international project combines competences on... [mehr]

Due to the geographic and tectonic location, the Andean countries are particularly vulnerable to natural hazards. The international cooperation project RIESGOS focuses on the countries of Chile, Peru and Ecuador and aims to improve the management of natural disasters including... [mehr]

The TUM Landslide Group continued the monitoring at the gradually opening fracture at the Hochvogel peak (2592 m, Allgäu, Germany) in late September 2017. By performing further measurements of the opening fracture and drone flights, the group assessed the kinematics of the... [mehr]