TRB Workshop on Doctoral Research in Transportation Modeling and Travel Behavior

The workshop is organized in four parts with five to six presentations each:

Part 1 (1:30 PM to 2:28 PM): Stated Preference Surveys, Transport Network Companies & Autonomous Driving

Part 2 (2:28 PM to 3:24 PM): Emissions, Travel Demand & Freight

Part 3 (3:24 PM to 4:12 PM): Transit Analyses

Part 4 (4:12 PM to 5:00 PM): Machine Learning & Traffic Analyses

Every doctoral researcher will give a 5 min lightning talk (plus one minute for transition between presenters) to introduce their topic. At the end of each part, there will be 18 to 20 minutes for debate led by an expert in the respective area of research.


1:30-1:40 Rolf Moeckel & Pat Mokhtarian Technical University of Munich & GeorgiaTech Welcome note
Part 1: Stated Preference Surveys, Transport Network Companies & Autonomous Driving
Time Presenter University Presentation Title Adviser
1:40-1:46 Stinson, Monique University of Illinois at Chicago Supply Side Effects of the Sharing Economy: Household Vehicle Ownership as an Investment Decision Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadian
1:46-1:52 Nie, Qifan University of Alabama Preparing College Towns for Shared Mobility with Autonomous Vehicles Jun Liu
1:52-1:58 Reck, Daniel ETH Zurich, Switzerland Modelling shared e-scooters in Louisville, Kentucky: A spatial regression approach Kay W. Axhausen
1:58-2:04 Dey, Bibhas Kumar University of Central Florida Advanced Econometric Models for Modeling Flows: Application To Shared Economy Naveen Eluru
2:04-2:10 Dias, Felipe The University of Texas at Austin Traveler responses to ride-hailing and autonomous vehicles: Understanding the forces that will shape the future of transportation Chandra Bhat
2:10-2:28 Debate Discussant: Dr. Venu Garikapati (National Renewable Energy Laboratory)
Part 2: Emissions, Travel Demand & Freight
Time Presenter University Presentation Title Adviser
2:28-2:34 Logan, Kathryn The University of Aberdeen, UK Investigating the Impact of the Electrification of Transport to Reduce Carbon Emissions on Natural Capital Astley Hastings
2:34-2:40 Ankomah, Marian University of Florida An Analysis of Transportation Demand Patterns in Ghana Siva Srinivasan
2:40-2:46 Ton, Danique Technical University Delft, The Netherlands Unravelling Mode and Route Choice Behaviour of Active Mode Users S.P. Hoogendoorn
2:46-2:52 Savadogo, Ibrahim Université de Lyon, France Sustainable urban logistics: issues and impacts of economic, organizational and environmental optimization Charles Raux
2:52-2:58 Karak, Aline Southern Methodist University The Hybrid Vehicle-Drone Routing Problem for Pick-up and Delivery Services Khaled Abdelghany
2:58-3:04 Ballare, Sudheer University of Illinois at Chicago Investigation in Crowdshipping Enabled Last-mile Urban Delivery Paradigms Jane Lin
3:04-3:24 Debate Discussant Dr. Aruna Sivakumar (Imperial College London)
Part 3: Transit Analyses
Time Presenter University Presentation Title Adviser
3:24-3:30 Narayan, Jishnu Technical University Delft, The Netherlands On-demand public transport systems: Service design and impact on urban mobility S.P. Hoogendoorn
3:30-3:36 Ravindra, Rejitha Nath Monash University, Australia Improving Multi-modal Public Transport Timetable Coordination: A Holistic Approach Mark Wallace
3:36-3:42 Zhu, Yongqiu Technical University Delft, The Netherlands Passenger-Oriented Timetable Rescheduling in Railway Disruption Management Rob M.P. Goverde
3:42-3:48 Luo, Ding Technical University Delft, The Netherlands Data-driven Analysis and Modeling of Passenger Flows and Service Networks for Public Transport Systems Hans van Lint
3:48-3:54 Aston, Laura Monash University, Australia Built Environment Predictors of Transit Ridership by Mode Graham Currie
3:54-4:12 Debate Discussant: S. Ilgin Guler (The Pennsylvania State University)
Part 4: Machine Learning & Traffic Analyses
Time Presenter University Presentation Title Adviser
4:12-4:18 Sfeir, Georges American University of Beirut Integration of Machine Learning and Discrete Choice Models to Better Predict and Describe Decision Makers’ Choices Maya Abou-Zeid
4:18-4:24 Ma, Wei Carnegie Mellon University Statistical Inference of Spatio-Temporal Transportation Networks through Large-scale Multi-source Data Sean Qian
4:24-4:30 Krisnakumari, Panchamy Technical University Delft, The Netherlands Multiscale Pattern Recognition of Transport Network Dynamics and its Applications Hans van Lint
4:30-4:36 Yao, Shengyue Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany Modelling and Managing Connected and Automated Vehicle Platoon Dynamics in Mixed Traffic: a Human-leading Strategy Bernhard Friedrich
4:36-4:42 Brooks-Tyreman, Frank University of Bristol, UK A new model for platooning and overtaking on single-lane roads R. Eddie Wilson
4:42-5:00 Debate Discussant: Dr. Rick Donnelly (WSP, Inc.)