Application for the Master's Program in Transportation Systems

The Master’s Program in Transportation Systems starts every October (winter semester).

Application period: From 1st January until 31st May (date of receipt)

We advise international applicants to submit their applications before 15th March, in order to get an early evaluation. However, every complete application that reaches the enrollment office on time (on 31st May at the latest) will be evaluated. An application form is available on the campus management platform "TUMonline" (, only during the application period . Please register in TUMonline and create your applicant account. All required application documents will also be listed there. For information about the general application procedure at TUM, please refer to the website of the Student Service Center (SSZ) on

Please note: If you did not achieve your qualification for postgraduate studies (usually a Bachelor's degree) in a country within the EU/EEA, you will also have to apply for a so-called preliminary documentation (VPD) via uni-assist. For more information, we recommend the following website:

After submission of your application

Please refer to your TUMonline applicant account if you need information about:

  • The status of your application
  • Missing documents or
  • Incomplete documents.

If you have further questions, please directly contact the Student Service Center (SSZ) by sending an e-mail to

Aptitude Assessment Process

The enrollment office at TUM will first check the formal criteria of your application. If relevant documents are missing or not submitted in the required way, they will be marked as “not OK” in your TUMonline applicant account. The application will stay at the enrollment office and only be forwarded to the Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, as soon as all formal criteria are considered as “OK”.

At the department, the aptitude assessment will be conducted. There are two levels of the aptitude assessment of the Master's Program in Transportation Systems:

In level 1, applications are evaluated on the basis of the documents. Applicants receive points for the following parts of their application:

  • Subject-related qualifications of the undergraduate studies (max. 60 points)
  • Average grade of the undergraduate studies (max. 20 points)
  • Motivation letter (max. 20 points)

Applicants with 75 points or more will receive an admission letter. Applicants with 59 points or less will receive a rejection letter. Applicants with scores between 60 and 74 points will be invited to an aptitude test (second level).

In level 2, the applicants will have a personal interview. Topics of this aptitude test will be the applicant’s motivation for the degree program and his or her academic and personal background. For applicants living abroad, the interview can be conducted via videoconference. Usually, the interviews take place in June and July (applications received before March 15th) or in August and early September (applications received after March 15th); the applicants will be informed about the test date one week in advance.

For more detailed information about the aptitude assessment please click here for download.

After Admission

Upon receiving an admission letter, please log in to your TUMonline account, accept the study place and take care of the remaining modalities for the enrollment (required documents in hard copies). The documents are listed in your account.

Relevant deadline as well as the beginning dates of the semesters and lectures (incl. semester breaks) are published on

Tuition fees

Students currently have to pay 129,40 EUR per semester for the students' union and the basic public transport ticket (subject to change). There are not any additional costs for non-EU students!