Program Objective

Transportation systems represent a core element of everyday life.

Transport and mobility are of central importance for any modern economy and society. Besides, the concept of sustainable development challenges societies and economies worldwide. It requires new approaches to transportation planning and management strategies.

Nowadays, we need to consider the transportation system as part of a complex system if we want to provide good transportation conditions for societies and economies as well as enhance the living quality of rural and urban areas in the long-term. Therefore, transportation planning strategies must include interactions between transport, economy, land-use and the natural environment.

We need transportation experts...

  • who know how to design roads, traffic management systems and public transport networks.
  • who are familiar with the concepts of transportation demand management, integrated land-use and traffic management, freight logistic concepts and intermodal traffic management.

The Master of Science Program in Transportation Systems (TS) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) provides graduates with the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with these challenges. Students learn to design and operate modern transportation systems and integrated multi-modal transport management systems. Since the TS students come from all over the world, they are also experienced with working in multicultural teams.

Therefore, graduates from the TS program are well prepared professionals for the dynamically growing market of transport and mobility!

Career Perspectives

With a Master of Science degree in Transportation Systems, graduates can e.g. design roads and railways, simulate traffic, apply and design intelligent transport systems, analyze transport data and statistics or consult municipalities in questions regarding transport planning strategies of today and for future demand.Graduates from the Master`s Program in Transportation Systems can start a career as traffic engineer, transport consultant or transport planner in all different areas of the transportation sector such as

  • Governmental agencies,
  • Public transport authorities,
  • Urban and regional planning departments,
  • Private and state owned transportation companies (land, sea, air),
  • Freight and logistic enterprises,
  • The automotive industry,
  • Infrastructure-maintaining companies,
  • And many more.

This Master degree qualifies graduates to apply for admission to doctoral studies/ PHD-courses (postgraduate-research programs). Besides, graduates have the option to do further research and studies in various research institutions and organizations all over the world.