i-DREAMS - H2020

Duration: May 2019 - May 2022


The i- DREAMS project aims to define, develop, test and validate a context-aware “safety tolerance zone” for on-road driving by taking into account driver-related background factors (age, driving experience, safety attitudes, etc.), real-time physiological indicators (fatigue, distraction, stress, etc.) as well as driving complexity indicators (time of day, speed, traffic density, vulnerable road users, adverse weathers etc.). Moreover, safety-oriented interventions will be developed to prevent drivers from getting too close to the boundaries of unsafe operation and to bring back the driver into the safety tolerance zone. Initial testing will take place in a driving simulator environment after which promising interventions will be tested and validated under real-world conditions in a testbed consisting of 600 drivers in total across 5 EU countries. TSE will be responsible for organizing and testing the experimental protocols and tools (i.e driving simulator and field trials), as well as in the integration and processing of the captured data by utilizing Big Data approaches.


More information can be found on the project's website