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Umfang2 SWS
SemesterSommersemester 2019



Basics of Traffic Operation and Control (TOC)Advanced Motorway Control Methods Operation and Control of (Motorway); Tunnels Evaluation and Assessment of TOC-Measures Urban Traffic Control Quality Monitoring and Surveillance in TOC Integrated Traffic Management The lectures build on the general module "Basic of Traffic Control and Intelligent Transport Systems" of the 2nd semester and take these aspects further. The goal is to provide more detailed knowledge about the different system approaches and technologies which are used around the world for urban traffic control, motorway, integrated traffic information and management and mobility and demand management

Lehr- und Lernmethoden

Admission prerequisites: Module 7: Basics of Traffic Operation and Control, M.SC. in TS, 2nd sem. Written examination, 60 min., unsplit examination General period of the examination: winter term March, summer term July