We are happy to invite you to our MANAGED AQUIFER RECHARGE Webinar on the 23rd September 2020. We will share the results of our project work from DEEPWATER-CE Interreg project with you. In a virtual coffee break... [mehr]

Presentation on the 31st of July of Dr. Kai Zosseder at the Webinar Blickpunkt Geothermie XIII with the topic: Assessment of the subsurface geothermal Potential in the South-German Molasse Basin through... [mehr]

Presentation on the 9th of July of Dr. Kai Zosseder at the yearly meeting of the GDMB-geothermal section ( ) with the topic: Horizontal and... [mehr]

Between 18th and 20th of February 2020, the Action consortium will meet for the first time at the TUM (Arcisstraße 21, Munich, Germany). Day 1 (February 18) will host management meetings upon personal... [mehr]

The Geothermal Working Group hold a presentation about the Opportunities, the Potential and the Advantages of Shallow Geothermal Utilizations at the Event “Wärmewende meistern (Master the Heat Transition)” of... [mehr]

Die AG Geothermie des Lehrstuhls nahm mit  acht Vorträgen, zwei Session-Leitungen und der Teilnahme an der Poster-Jury sowie zahlreichen Seitengesprächen und Diskussionen sehr erfolgreich am diesjährigen... [mehr]

The first German cross-sectoral stakeholder group kick-off meeting was held on 16th October 2019 in Munich, Germany. The meeting took place at the Technical University of Munich from 12:30-16:30. 34 stakeholders... [mehr]

Der Lehrstuhl für Hydrogeologie war auch beim diesjährigen Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern wieder tatkräftig vertreten. [mehr]

This year the annual FH-DGGV meeting of the PhD students takes place in Munich at the Chair of Hydrogeology. [mehr]

Auch in diesem Jahr wird der Christian-Hecht-Preis wieder beim Praxisforum Geothermie.Bayern, das vom 7. bis 9. Oktober 2019 in München stattfindet, verliehen. 2018 ins Leben gerufen, ehrt die Auszeichnung auch... [mehr]