Florian Heine has just recently published a new paper in Applied Geochemistry. Congrats to Florian!

This paper is the first one in a planned series of papers that focuses on the hydrogeology and water chemistry of the deep Upper Jurassic groundwater system in the South German Molasse Basin. This aquifer represents a drinking water resource for cities, but is also important for its geothermal use. 
In his first published paper, he investigated the potential of dissolved organic radiocarbon (14CDOC) as groundwater dating tool in carbonate aquifers. To reach this goal, he applied a new and promising method (solid phase extraction with a styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer sorbent, SPE-PPL) for the pre-concentration of DOC. His work suggests that 14CDOC groundwater dating is a highly suitable approach and will support a future sustainable groundwater resources management of the investigated aquifer system.