The 3rd fieldwork season within the project “Alpine Rock Slopes” lead by Daniel Draebing took place one and a half weeks in the Gaisberg Valley, Austrian Alps, and three weeks the Turtmann Valley, Swiss Alps. In the Gaisberg Valley, the fieldwork team consisting of the PI and 2... [mehr]

The Bavarian TV (Bayerischer Rundfunk) made a short documentation in German about one day of fieldwork with Benedikt Friedrich and Johannes Leinauer who work at the Hochvogel (Allgäu) within the AlpSenseBench project. BR Mediathek: "Der Hochvogel zerbröselt" 08:45 (in German) ... [mehr]

From 09.07. to 11.07.2018 more work has been done at the Hochvogel peak. Members of the TUM Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry took a detailed record of the summit area. Members of the Landslide Research Group carried out measurements in the crack and installed the first... [mehr]

The Landslide Research Group presented their research at the European Conference on Permafrost (EUCOP) in Chamonix, France, 23 June-07 July 2018. The conference covers all relevant aspects of permafrost research, engineering and outreach on a global and regional level. In the... [mehr]

On Friday the 15.06.2018 a fair weather window was used to geodetically measure the summit area and the summit ridge on the Hochvogel. In addition, the first measurements with a Gravimeter were carried out and more convergence lines were measured. In total six researchers from the... [mehr]

On 5. and 6.6. the first measurements of the year took place on the Hochvogel summit and preparations were made for the next larger measuring campaign. Seven members of the AlpSenseBench-Team hiked up to the top and worked on convergence measurements, geodetic reference points,... [mehr]

The landslide mapping course is provided by the Landslide Research group, and introduces students to geological and geomorphic mapping techniques relevant to landslide hazard identification and civil construction. In addition to that, the students were introduced to a variety of... [mehr]

3D Reality Maps, involved in the AlpSenseBench project, developed a new 3D SFM-model of the Hochvogel (2592 m) summit. The model visualizes the structure of the instable top of the mountain. Video → [mehr]

The members of the IGSSE-Projekt 'Hydro-PF: Detecting and modelling fluid flow and critical hydrostatic pressure in permafrost/cryospheric rock walls' joined the 12th IGSSE- Forum with topic 'Science without borders'. The annual, three-day symposium encourages our doctoral... [mehr]

The team “Landslides”, consisting of staff of the Landslides Research Group and landslides-interested members of the Chair of Engineering Geology, outspent themselves on the 5.8 km route and got 4/45 in the team challenge. Thanks to the organisation team of the Junge Akademie! We... [mehr]